Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Accountability Post Week 2 Day 1

Week 2 off to a GREAT start!

Let me start with how I did!

Food (calories in):

Breakfast: honey nut cheerios with raspberries and almond milk
AM Snack: Greek Yogurt
Lunch: Cup of roasted red pepper soup, chicken salad, fruit & crackers
PM Snack: Larabar (and 2 mini
Dinner: Homemade thin crust whole wheat pizza with spinach, feta and red peppers

Exercise (calories out):
None...unless you count walking a bunch in 4 inch heels!  Really, didn't meet my burn goal.

ASSESSMENT: was a very insane day at work.  My brain is still reeling.  Let me start by telling you what I avoided:

1) M&Ms...they were used in a training activity and I got 1 then threw it away when we were done.

2) Fresh made donuts from a local shop...we had a BUNCH of these around, including the ones that are cream filled, and BUTTERCREAM filled and chocolate glazed.  I walked by those ALL day.

3) Muffins...calling my name.

4)  Brownie Bites...random box sitting on our counter.  Next to said muffins and doughnuts.

All in all today was a SUCCESS!  I even had a MAJOR diet coke craving and avoided it!  SUPER happy, especially as days like today and weeks like this week usually cause me to coke that is...and break my no caffeine rule.

Now if I can just wake up at 4:40 tomorrow morning and NOT feel nauseated...


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