Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Accountability Post Days 6 & 7

Hey friends!

Here we are almost a week into this accountability thing.  Going well so far I think!  I definitely think twice before indulging...

Here are my stats for the last 2 days.

Food (calories in):
Early Breakfast: Larabar
Breakfast: Apple Pie Oatmeal
AM Snack: 1 oz almonds
Lunch: Thin crust veggie pizza, salad, 2 prosciutto wrapped shrimp
PM Snack: Yogurt
Dinner: Sweet potato chips, 6 oz of steak, 2 cheese balls and 2 shrimp
Late Snack (yes I was still hungry!): Whole wheat english muffin, with peanut butter & jam

Exercise (calories out):
I RAN 8 MILES!!! WITHOUT STOPPING!  WOOHOO! I even fell about 1.5 miles in and scraped up my leg - it was bleeding some but all my joints felt fine so I kept going!!!

ASSESSMENT TIME (I'm changing Confession time to be Assessment time):
Probably could have avoided the sweet potato chips and the cheese balls...but overall I did burn 3,750 calories given my long run...and only ate 2,600 so I still did pretty good I think.  Most of my calories were "good" calories.  OH - and I avoided DESSERT!!!  AND DIET COKE!  I am a beast.

Food (calories in):
Breakfast: Banana, Honey Nut Cheerios
AM Snack: Larabar
Lunch: Panera Black Bean Soup & BBQ Chopped chicken salad (You pick two deal), wheat roll
PM Snack: Apple, orange
Dinner: Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup

Exercise (calories out):
Impromptu rest day...and not because my muscles needed it, my body did. Woke up nauseated and felt overall blah.  Slept in a little bit and then went to work, but fought this nausea bug all day.  Was planning to go to the gym after work but did not feel up to it. 

Overall I think I did pretty well today.  Could have done more veggies, especially at dinner, but for not feeling well I did a great job staying on track.

I tend to not eat well for many reasons, but one of them is when I'm sick.  All I want is cheeseburgers when I'm sick.  And milkshakes.  Crazy.

I'm feeling great and strong.  I actually haven't thought much about dessert in the last few days.  Progress!


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