Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 32 & 33 Checkin

Sleepy tonight!  But a few quick things I want to say that I've learned the last few days.

1) Holiday buffets - require more planning.  Not so I can hang by the carrots and miserably watch people enjoy the festivities...but so I eat only what I really want and don't end up putting food on my plate that we all know I will not be throwing today, I did really well not absolutely gorging myself...but I did put a hawaiin roll and piece of roast beef cold cut on my plate and made a little sandwich that was pretty unnecessary given I wanted dessert.  I had a tiny (like 3rd of a slice) of cheesecake that was pretty good and some icing (lol). (after reading this I felt I must clarify that I did also eat shrimp grits, some southwestern soup, strawberries with fruit dip and chicken salad - the little sandwich just pushed me over the edge - lol).  So I would have felt ok physically (not overly full) had I skipped that little sandwich.  Plan for next time - make a blueprint of my plate.

Good thing is I don't spend time beating myself up over this stuff anymore.  I just chalk it up to lessons learned and I feel that much more prepared for the next time I deal with a situation like that.  I'm pretty happy to be at that point.  Some of you may think I should be way over that stuff at this point in my journey...but when you deal with an eating disorder, even compulsive eating, you are never fully over it.  Kind of like any addiction.  You need plans in place to deal with them.  Period.  And while it becomes way easier to practice self control and will power over time, it is still always a challenge.

2) General Tso's chicken and Sesame Chicken will never make me ill again.  Because I'm not going to eat them again.  The last 2 times I've had it I've been sick the next 24 hours.  So duh, lesson learned.  I'm done and my body no longer likes it.  So my mouth isn't going to write anymore checks that my stomach and bowels (sorry) can't cash.

3) Just because the menu says something is "snack sized" doesn't mean it actually is.  We stopped after a great meal at a japanese steakhouse tonight at McDonalds to get Elizabeth a milkshake (the end of her birthday festivities).  I wasn't going to get anything until I saw they now had "snack sized" McFlurrys.  I was excited, and expecting a half cup serving of icecream with some crushed oreos.  No, what I received was a 340 calorie "snack."  Completely not worth it.  I totally could have had a hot fudge sundae with extra fudge.  What a waste!  I immediately regretted it - and not because "oh no look what I've done to my calorie range for the day" or "oh now I cheated" but more like "man that was so not worth the expenditure."

4) You can wear capri skinny jeans with knee high boots and no one will ever know.  My favorite jeans (really the only ones I have in my current size) were in the laundry and I knew it would be cold out tonight.  So I decided to try a new outfit tonight so I wouldn't get cold.  I wondered if people could tell...I'll post a picture so you can see if you can tell or not.  LOL.  If not, I've got a new outfit without buying the actual awful skinny jeans (I have such a problem with tapered leg anything, sorry). :)

5) Sleep is of utmost importance...and I need to stop staying up late enough to make the mornings so hard.  That said - GOOD NIGHT! (stats below)

Thursday 12/2:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1886
Carbs: 241
Fat: 67
Protein: 82

OUTPUT (exercise):
492 Calories Burned - Running 2.78 miles, walking .5 miles

Friday 12/3:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1945
Carbs: 193
Fat: 66
Protein: 130

OUTPUT (exercise):
400 Calories Burned - Level 1 Power Sculpt, Biggest Loser.


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