Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 41 Checkin

Feeling. Way. Better!  :)  And so glad.  I slept 12 hours last night.  That was amazing.  I woke up and started some chores, then had a run around mid-day.  The weather was gorgeous for my run.  I decided to do speedwork today and ran some quarter mile sprints as well as some shorter runs toward the end.  All in all a great workout - and I feel good.  I plan to get plenty of rest tonight as well and run in the morning.  I'm in serious need of winter running wear however - will hopefully get to buy myself some next week when I get paid again.  :)

Something kind of funny happened today - it was time for Dixie (see above - my beagle dog who is my running buddy) to have her visit to the vet to get shots and the like.  She weighed in at 24 pounds which is 4 pounds heavier than 6 months ago when we went.  You can see from the picture above she isn't fat at all - she is actually pretty muscular.  The chart on the wall said she should weigh between 13-16 pounds though so I was concerned...I asked the vet and he said two things that were funny to me.  1) just like people, dogs have different bone structure so that chart is there as a guide but not something they have to strictly stick to.  2) since muscle weighs more than fat, it is likely she has developed some new muscles since we began running 6 months ago. 

So my little puppy is big boned and muscular like me!  Gotta love that. 

In other AWESOME news, I'm down another 1.2, for a total of 75.4 pounds lost!  I weigh 209.6 as of this morning.  SOOO exciting.  That leaves me 9.8 to lose to get under 200 pounds by the end of the year. Not terribly sure if I can make that happen or not - but I'm sure going to try!  If I make it - awesome! If I don't, I'm that much closer.  I have already proven I can lose weight during the holidays - I plan to lose regardless of how much but I like having something to shoot for!

I can't remember the last time I weighed 2-0 something.  Seriously.  I vaguely remember being 196 at a doctor's appointment when I was 21.  Then I remember being 214 at my first OB appointment when I was 5 weeks pregnant with Elizabeth.  So this is quite the milestone, but when I get to 199...lookout, you will probably hear me cheering from my house!!!

Once I'm done with this challenge, I'll set up another one for after the new year.  Should be easier since everyone is on a diet in January - lol!  Then I will be alone at it again in February.  But man the cute dresses I have waiting for me in the spring will be so worth all of this hard work.

Best part about it all?  I'm never going back there.  To 285 pounds.  Or even to 211.  I'm never going to gain this weight back - because in the meantime, while I've been on this journey, I've become an athlete.  And while I won't always have to document every bite I eat, I will always be physically active.  That's a great change to celebrate.

So here are my stats for today:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1556
Carbs: 229
Fat: 52
Protein: 54

OUTPUT (exercise):
480 Calories burnt doing 3 miles of sprints/walking.

Hey - say a prayer for me tomorrow - we have a church dinner and I am planning to stay within my calorie range!


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