Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 59 Checkin

Day 59!  WOW!  One more full day left in this challenge.  I'll technically finish on Day 61 and may use my weight from Day 62...we'll just have to see how things "pan out" this week (aka when I lose my water weight finally - haha).

I'm excited to end this challenge and this year.  2010 held so many amazing things for me and I'll be posting motivational blogs the entire first week of the year.  I have so much to share about my year and my journey and I'm hoping to motivate others past just January.  I want to help people make decisions, not resolutions.  Resolutions historically don't last.  Decisions do.  We'll explore the difference more beginning January 1st. :)  Stay tuned...

In the meantime I want to focus on the next two days.  I didn't feel like working out this morning, very blah as I sometimes feel this week of the month.  Had a good day at work (albeit a bit silly at times, I get scatterbrained too) and then came home and did a heavy duty BL workout before church.  It felt GREAT. 

Had a pretty good eating day though I did end up going a little over my calories...darn hot chocolate chip cookies.  But the happiness that ensued was worth it. :)  hopefully I will still be able to say that on Saturday!

Here are my stats:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1693
Carbs: 208
Fat: 66
Protein: 67

OUTPUT (exercise):
500 Calories burned BL Levels 1&2 Cardio Max.

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