Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 60 Checkin!!!

So Day 60 is finally here.  I am excited about my progress this holiday season.  I'm excited about losing weight in November and December while most people gained weight.  I'm excited about continuing to run even with it being freezing outside.  I'm excited that even with illness taking up half of December I will still post a loss overall.

I will weigh in the morning...may wait to count Saturday's weight - lets just see if that water weight decided to go away today...and if I am able to get up and exercise in the morning with how tired I am right now. 

Had a good run this morning - very steady and felt great.

Bought some more winter running clothes today.  I am in love with Fila shirts.  The long sleeved ones.  And I finally finally ordered gloves!  Also got some more hats at Walmart. Can't wait for them to get here.  One shirt I bought today was a medium.  Its tight, but I'm figuring I can wear it next winter too!

That said - I'm off to bed.  Here are my stats:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1498
Carbs: 145
Fat: 67
Protein: 82

OUTPUT (exercise):
392 calories burned 2 mile run, 1/2 mile walk.

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