Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 55 Checkin

Wow, doing a checkin at the end of the day its actually about...startling, I KNOW!  This is what happens when I have a day of rest, where I change from PJs to running clothes, shower then back to PJs.  No makeup, no leaving the house kind of day.  I honestly can't remember the last time I had a day like this.  It's been wonderful.
So I ran today for the first time in two weeks coming off of my illness.  It was AMAZING!  I loved being back out there.  I did just under 2 miles, mainly because it started drizzling as soon as I headed out.  But it was probably good to only do that much since I need to ease back into it.  Planning to go out and run tomorrow morning too.  It's forecasted to be 25 degrees, but if I decide now not to get up due to the cold, it will be a long, runless few months. :)  And thus, I'm getting out tomorrow morning, bundled up, but out there!

I'm on the hunt for good running gloves now.  I have a hat, which was incredibly helpful today when it was raining, kept my head dry (its just one of those pull on hats for $2 from Walmart).  It was so effective I'm totally buying another few this week.  It covers my ears too which was great for warmth.  And kept my ipod earbuds in place.  Another plus.  Did I mention it was only $2?  In looking further I have found some have a pony tail hole. Nike makes them for almost $20.  Maybe I can cut a hole into the ones I have and someone who sews (not me) can stitch around the hole to reinforce the fabric?  Yes I am didn't know this??

More good news - I'm down another .4.  Kind of lame, I know, but given I only got to exercise one time in 12 days due to being sick, I'm pretty proud of having lost at all!  So I'm down 77 pounds as of today.  My new goal is to be down 80 by the end of the year!  This is my week to lose, so I should be able to do that.

All that said I'd better get to bed so I can be up at 6am.  I'm excited to meet up with my running buddy again, its been awhile since we ran together!

Another good day numbers-wise.  :)  Yay for staying on track during the holidays! It IS possible!

Here are my stats:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1687
Carbs: 176
Fat: 64
Protein: 101

OUTPUT (exercise):
303 calories burned with a 1.78 mile run and warmup walk in the rain. :)

Good night & Merry Christmas!


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