Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 34 Checkin

Happy Saturday!

I did not accomplish the many things I needed to in my house today - I opted for a day out of shopping instead.  :)  I know, probably not the most responsible decision but I had a great time with a friend and our two girls.  Found some great deals and enjoyed the fact that I don't look at the plus sized section much anymore.  I bought 4 shirts today...all size large.  :)  (and spent less than $20 by the way). 

I started my day well - and hit a new record for distance in running.  Four miles!  The farthest I've ever gone has been a little over three.  Today I felt like going for three, then when I hit three thought, hey, I wonder if I can go for four...and I did!  There's alot of self-talk that goes on during times like that.  Many times I felt like I could, or should quit.  I have a few trouble spots when running, like between 1-2 miles and then again at 2.5 miles.  I just decided I could keep going and I would keep going.  I swear 90% of your success and endurance with running is mental.  Some people do the Galloway method - or other methods like it - to run.  The plan is that you run for a period of time, and have walking breaks in between. Many people even race like that.  I don't disagree with that method, it just isn't for me.  I've always done better when I continuously run vs stopping.  Its SO hard for me to start again once I've stopped, except when I'm doing sprint/speed training since I know that's the purpose. Today I even had to do some doubling back and around to make the distance.  I just kept going and watching my Garmin Forerunner that tracks my distance, pace, and time until I knew I had crossed the four mile mark.  In total, I did 4.38 miles (4.04 running without stopping). The last half mile my knees were a bit sore and when I did *finally* stop running my legs felt like jello.  But the sense of accomplishment was SOOO worth it.  I feel great as I haven't had a great running accomplishment in awhile.  I just may pick back up on 10k training...we'll see how my legs do over the next few days.  My achilles tendon gave me some trouble when I was doing the 10k training before so I backed off.  The plan now - listen to my body and see if now is a better time to increase distance.  I watched my speed also and I know that is why I was able to keep on going.
Here are my stats for today:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1756
Carbs: 198
Fat: 48
Protein: 131

OUTPUT (exercise):
634 Calories Burned - Running 4.04 miles, walking .34 miles

Yay for the weekend!  And for new records. :)


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