Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 11 Checkin

Hey Ya'll!  Think I forgot about ya?  Never!

I'm excited to report that I had another great day, travel and all!  I started off running a 5k this morning on the treadmill in the gym.  Burned a bunch of calories then had a nice late breakfast at IHOP.  So, I've been craving those pumpkin pancakes they have been advertising and here is what I did - I ordered the Simply Smart healthy omelet of egg white, spinach, tomato and mushroom with swiss cheese and fruit.  On the side I ordered 1 pumpkin pancake.  Of course, they didn't want to give me just one.  So I got two and ate just one.  :)  So there IHOP.  Anyway - it was so worth it!

We got to our meeting a little while later and they served an early lunch - I made a sandwich and wrapped it up for later on - sure enough around 2:15 I was hungry again so I ate my sandwich stealthily during the meeting.  No one saw me.

I am a ninja. Did you know that?

Anyway - we went to Benihana for dinner and it was an experience!  The food was great and there was SOOO much of it.  I hated wasting what I couldn't eat but what I did eat was delish!  I even tried two new kinds of sushi - one with eel and one with raw salmon.  They were both really good, especially the eel.  What an adventure!

I'm excited that I have stuck close to my calorie range all things considered.  That's a great feeling.

So here are my stats for Thursday!

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1697
Carbs: 144
Fat: 69
Protein: 130

OUTPUT (exercise):
Calories Burned: 551
Running, 3.1 miles, Walking, .25 miles
40 minutes total

Finishing the week and the trip WELL!  Hope you are too.


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