Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day 14 Checkin

Hey all!

So tomorrow I start my 3rd week of my 8 week challenge to end the year well - to Finish Well.  I'm excited about what the next 6 weeks will bring, and can guarantee it will have ups and downs with everything I have going on.  Tomorrow morning marks the beginning of one of my busiest weeks of the year, followed by a *hopeful* vacation (if the busiest week of the year doesn't bleed over) back home for Thanksgiving week and a photo shoot with an amazing photographer-friend. 

So let me rant on one subject for a minute - the photo shoot I'm looking so forward to.  Last December we had family pictures done and the lady at Sears did not listen to me.  At all. Instead of taking multiple family shots for us to choose from (we had a coupon and intended on purchasing just one picture in multiples) she took just a few of all 3 of us, then a bunch of my gorgeous daughter and made me feel guilty for only purchasing the intended "family" picture that I didn't even like that much.  I left there in tears.  Later on, I did buy some of the other pics online (I hope she didn't get commission on it) but vowed never again to feel that crappy about myself or let some wanna be photographer make me feel like a fat jerk.  At that point I had lost about 25 pounds and I was hoping it would show.  Well, my double chin did still show and I was heartbroken.  I had taken great pains to pick our outfits and that is how it turned out and she rushed through our family shots to get to the money shots.  Sigh.  There is always this year!  And celebrating being over 70 pounds lighter.  That's kind of awesome.  I had thought maybe I should wait until I reach 100 or closer to my goal, but you know what?  I am not miserable with how I look anymore.  I'm not near where I want to be but I'm the lightest I've weighed in almost a decade.  That is something worth celebrating - and capturing.

That said, here are my stats for the day - interestingly I didn't end up going over my calories even though we had lunch with our church to celebrate an early Thanksgiving at a buffet restaurant.  Yes, buffet, country style.  You fill in the rest.  I'm really glad that my light sushi dinner tonight made up for the cals spent earlier this afternoon.  It's all about balance folks!

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1502
Carbs: 178
Fat: 54
Protein: 80

OUTPUT (exercise):
Calories Burned: 351
2.29 miles in 31:22 mins (alternating intervals of running/walking).

Finishing Week 2 WELL!  How about you?



Precious 3 said...

I have some of those family photos that I am too ashamed to hang up. I never realized I looked that bad till I saw the pics. And "ugh!" to the photographer for making you feel bad! They can be pushy.

As for this year, get the photos done and be proud! You look amazing, and you look happy! Even if you are not to your goal yet, it will still be a pic that you can say, "This is when you can see things turned around! I got healthy!" Then next year take another one! When someone is asking about my weight loss and running, I just love to be able to say, "My friend Clara has lost about 70 lbs!" Then hear the gasp and people want to know what you are doing that works. You are doing so awesome! And I love that it is a healthy lifestyle, not some radical diet or something. I know maybe this weight loss hasn't gone as quick as you wanted, but still, you have accomplished SO much! Many people would have given up by now, or just been satisfied with 25 pounds or so, thinking that was enough of a loss and just go on with life. What you have done this last year or so is really great :)

ClaraB said...

awww! Thanks Jennifer! :) I'm proud of you too. It's so great we get to motivate each other, even from afar! :)