Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28 Checkin

I did not run this morning.  At 6:30am it still felt like 2am so I slept in (as much as you can when you have to get to church - hehe).  I wish I had run - but as tired as I have been, I also realize sometimes my body needs a good rest.

So I'm almost halfway through this end of the year challenge.  Pushing my official weigh in to this coming Tuesday - I can tell I'm retaining water, likely from eating more sodium than normal and all the travel.  The interesting thing is, coming off a week of tons of calories burned, my body looks different than it did last week as strange as that may sound.  Small changes I notice, like my waist getting smaller and my pants looser and I think toning really occurred last week. 

There's this defining moment with clothing that I have come to learn - when I realize it is time to retire an article of clothing.  As much as that is a happy time, its also kind of a today, I love my black pants that I wear now, love them.  Today I realized that it would be time to retire them when they kept slipping below my drawers.  And there are no belt loops on these that's it.  Retirement time.  Makes me sad but happy at the same time.  Then there's being in between sizes - that is also a pain.  I have quite a few pairs of pants that are a size 14 that I'm not quite in yet (remember my only 14s I can wear are compliments of Daisy Fuentes).  I am not willing to wear clothes I can't breathe in so I'm least I know I have a bunch of clothes waiting for me but I am definitely a set 16 now, 18s are being retired.  Sigh.  Like I said, happy but also kind of a bummer.  I'll be so happy when I can wear my 14s though that I will probably not be bummed - its different when an entire wardrobe awaits!

That said, I hope you are ending your holiday weekend well.  I'm too tired to think about getting up early and working out tomorrow morning but I definitely plan to.  Going to do another hard hitting week of exercise to see what other changes I can make this week!  :D

Here are my stats:

INPUT (food facts):

Calories: 1610
Carbs: 183
Fat: 69
Protein: 65

OUTPUT (exercise):
REST DAY #2! :)

Happy Sunday night!

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Precious 3 said...

Retiring size 18s is a great thing! I also went through my closet and got rid of some things. Sometimes I gladly toss something out, sometimes I miss a favorite outfit. But I keep reminding myself of this one nice dress I want to fit back into-from our first year of marriage. It now fits! It will look a lot better when I am down 5 more pounds, but I can actually fit into the dress now :)

After your post about trying on a dress and realizing it was too big and you didn't get a chance to wear it, I thought "I'll have to be sure and try some clothes before I grow too small for them". I didn't realize how much 20 pounds made a difference! I pulled out a size 14 so glad to be able to wear it and be comfortable! Carl told me not to wear it again, that I was swimming in it! I guess I should have checked my closet sooner heehee!

LOVED your new pics!