Sunday, November 21, 2010

Days 20 & 21 Checkin

OK - so we're combining blog posts tonight since this is the first internet connection I've had since we got here.  :)

Travel day was ok, stayed within calorie range and was pretty happy about that.  It was a busy and long day but we made it to our destination. Today was also pretty good, all things considered food wise - it was the day of the annual family reunion and an opportunity to completely gorge ourselves and feel sick.  I did a few things right - first, I picked a kid's sized plate.  Then, I only got what I knew I would like, and not a bunch of it.  I did have dessert too, and I enjoyed it.  And I didn't feel too full! :)

So here are my stats for Saturday:

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1467
Carbs: 158
Fat: 65
Protein: 71

OUTPUT (exercise):
None today - unless 6 loads of laundry and packing count?  :)

And my stats for today - still trying to figure out how I did not go over my calories for the day:

INPUT: (food facts):
Calories: 1550
Carbs: 234
Fat: 46
Protein: 65

OUTPUT (exercise):
331 Calories burned - 2 miles in 24 mins.  :)

On to the rest of the week - may try Zumba tomorrow night with mom! Will let you know how that goes (if I get on the internet).

Until next time!


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