Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18 Checkin

So, I managed to miss Day 17 - so sorry!  It has been a crazy busy week for me.  I'm about to fall asleep right now sitting here.  Anyway, I did well staying within my calorie ranges, though I did take another "rest day" since I'm so worn out from working.

My weigh-in went so so - I ended up being up .2 pounds - I know some of this is remnant of my eating during my travel last week as well as water retention.  It should be gone soon (in fact it already is).  I'm looking forward to what next week will bring!  Blogging will be challenging as I will be at my in laws hopefully I will find a place I can use my computer or just run to my parents and do it.

Anywho, here are today's stats:

 INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 1372
Carbs: 116
Fat: 62
Protein: 87

OUTPUT (exercise):
393 Calories Burned.  Ran 2 miles at a 12mm pace.  Felt great (albeit cold!).  :)

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