Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3 Checkin

Another day down on this 60 day challenge.  I decided to drop the weeks and just go according to the number of days total in the time frame. 

I'm feeling great here on Day 3.  Got myself out of bed this morning and created some serious sweat doing one of my Biggest Loser videos, a short but great workout.  It felt great and I had a great day.  It will be raining in the morning, so I will be forgoing my run for another indoor workout.  Not sure which one yet but whatever it is, I'll be keeping it kicked into high gear! 

Yep, I know its only day 3 but I'm still excited and guess what?  I'll be staying excited.  Because its that kind of feeling, which I make the conscious decision to have, that keeps me motivated to push on toward my goal.  Am I going to have 57 more great days? I am sure not.  But I plan to have at least 50 great days and so I'll be ok with 10 so-so days.  All in all, I'm choosing to look at the positive and how much potential this next two months holds.  A ton of my success here is going to depend on my outlook.  Can you effect yours?

So here are my stats for Day 3:

Calories: 1562 (yes, that is 12 calories over...calm down)
Carbs: 202
Fat: 54
Protein: 70

Calories Burnt: 385
Biggest Loser Cardio Max Video - 22 minutes