Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2, Week 1 Checkin

Dude, I have got it going on like donkey kong...I have no idea why but I have this solid resolve...and I really hope it sticks with me.  Not a "I'm not eating any fat grams which makes me a miserable human being that no one wants to be around" kind of resolve...more like a "I'm in high gear and determined to do this, and DOING this" kind of resolve.  I feel energetic, determined and ready to burn some fat over the next 8 weeks...and it won't stop there, that is just the beginning of a new cycle of success for me.  On my Facebook page I've been tracking the word "SUCCESSFUL" going backwards, giving myself one letter for every 10 pounds I lose.  So far it says CESSFUL.  Hopefully at the end of this it will say at least CCESSFUL if not getting the U too!  I feel that determined!

I'm below my max calories for the day - within where I should be but below the max, which is strange for a running day...what's interesting is I'm not sure if I really need a snack or not.  So I may forgo it...we'll see.  

Here's my Input/Output for Day 2:

Calories: 1364
Carbs: 172
Fat: 55
Protein: 55

Calories Burnt: 448
Mileage: 2.19 running @ 11:57/mile pace
warm up/cool down 10 mins @ 17/mile pace

Looking forward to a successful Day 3!  Thanks, my blog, for the accountability...


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