Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 12 Checkin (better late than never!)


So I got in pretty late last night from my trip and didn't have the energy to post.  Here it is....

I had a great week finished by a great trip.  Friday (Day 12) I did go over my calories by alot (like almost 1000).  Am I freaking out about it?  No.  Will I work out extra hard today to make up for it?  Yes.

One thing to note is that I'm 200 calories over my minimum to burn this week - and today's workout will probably make me go over by about 800-1000 over.  So I should still be ok. Haven't been on a scale yet, but will after I exercise in a little bit.  My official weigh in will be Tuesday so don't get any ideas about me posting a weight # early.  LOL!

I'm feeling really good (other than a little ill from eating so much junk yesterday).  Overall, while I know eating like that is how I got unhealthy to begin with, I had more than just travel reasons for it.  My travel buddies will know what I mean but I will certainly not go into it on the blog as it might gross someone out!  hehe. 

Anyway, I am excited, refreshed, renewed from a great work trip and ready to conquer yet another week of this challenge.  I will finish well, and it will include good days, bad days and maybe an ugly day every now and then.  :D

Here are my scary stats (lol):

INPUT (food facts):
Calories: 2476
Carbs: 316
Fat: 102
Protein: 74

OUTPUT (exercise):
Rest Day #2 for the week (lots of hours in a car). :)

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