Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4 Checkin

Day 4!  Exciting, isn't it?  I'm REALLY tired tonight so just a short post to say a few things.

1) I'm really tired - ok, I already said that, but really, I'm wiped out.  Been a busy busy week.
2) I didn't work out today - I intended to walk with a friend tonight but that fell through.  I'm just too worn out to get up and do one of my another impromptu rest day.  Since I'm going to bed in about 10 mins, I plan to get up at 4:45am and do a LONG and tough workout.  Then I'll run 3 miles Saturday morning. 
3) An extra rest day this week ain't gonna kill me! I'm still jazzed about my weigh in Sunday. 

Here are my stats for today:

Calories: 1572
Carbs: 210
Fat: 60
Protein: 86

Rest Day

I WILL FINISH WELL!  Goodnight all.


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