Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5 Checkin

Hey!  Happy Friday everyone!  And Happy Day 5! 

This morning I got on the scale and it said 212.8.  Pretty awesome since I started the week at 215.  Not sure how I will end the week exactly as we just went out for Chinese but one big positive is that when I eat unhealthy food it doesn't stay with me long...LOL.  Gross, sorry.  But true.  My body is just not into food like this anymore.  I have a tummyache!

All that said I did have a great workout this morning and all day I was hungry.  I kept eating snacks, healthy ones, and kept getting hungry.  So choosing any day to go way over my calories, today was a good day to do that, hunger wise.

Looking forward to a chilly run in the morning! 

Here are my stats (don't laugh - or worry, it will be fine lol!)

Calories: 2169 (ouch!)
Carbs: 245
Fat: 102 (ouch again!)
Protein: 79

Calories Burned: 450
Biggest Loser Cardio Max Video w/weights
30 mins

Here's to a great weekend!


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